Energy Saving Ways to Reduce your Energy Consumption at Home

Improving your Energy Saving at home.

This is definitely the age of energy saving solutions and for the UK homeowner who is looking to reduce their carbon footprint, there are many ways to save energy and we can help. If you live north of the border, keeping your home warm in the winter seems like a never-ending battle, here are just a few of the ways you can save energy.

Loft Insulation

We recommend Rockwool for loft insulation. This product is spun from volcanic rock and has excellent thermal properties. Rockwool comes in rolls and it should be laid between the joists in the loft. A second layer is then cross laid to make sure that every square inch is covered.


Cavity Wall Insulation

A lot of heat can be lost through the exterior walls . According to the Energy Saving Trust it is up to 33%. By using high quality bonded bead insulation, you can make a significant saving on your winter heating bills. You’ll be happy to learn that we offer a full 25-year warranty on all of our cavity wall insulation. Our skilled technicians have many years of hands-on experience in applying cavity wall insulation treatments.


Underfloor Insulation

With the loft and the exterior walls insulated, why not opt for Underfloor Insulation as the next step in reducing your heating bills? Fitted from below the floor in the crawl space, insulation is netted in between the wooden joists. As well as saving a good amount of energy, your floors are warmer too as a result of less heat loss. Insulating suspended floors is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy.


Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating saves on average around 10% on winter heating bills. There are other benefits, such as having a warm surface to walk on – something that is really noticeable in the cold winter. This is one of our most popular services, it does bring a touch of luxury to the home, especially in the cold winter months.

UPVC Double Glazing

All of our double-glazed units are A rated for thermal efficiency. The amount of heat loss through a single pane of glass is considerable, not so with double glazing. The frames come in a range of colours and finishes. We use the very best technology, with a 16mm spacer bar between the sheets of glass, filled with argon gas. This design is to minimise the heat transfer from inside to out. Double glazing is a significant investment, yet with the very best in quality and a professional installation, expect to enjoy many years of trouble-free service. All our units are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. Aside from the obvious thermal benefits, double glazing offers heightened security and improved sound insulation.

We are proud to be a market leader across Scotland for energy saving solutions. Our service is second to none and we always have a “can do” attitude. We are confident you will be very satisfied with the outcome, whatever the product you choose. If you would like some free professional advice on heat saving in your home, fill in the online form or call us on 0141 247 1086. We will be happy to offer advice on any aspect of domestic heating or insulation.


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