What Are The Best Green Energy Funding Options Available?

For many people, choosing to switch to renewable green energy can be a struggle to consider due to financial restraints. Indeed, it is a common thought among most families that choosing to turn to green energy can cost more in the long run than sticking to their current systems. If financial restraints are holding you back, you may want to consider some of the green energy funding options that are available from the government. Read More

Loft Ladders and Flooring: Why You Need Them

When we consider home maintenance, very few of us think about what lingers underneath our roof. Fixing tiles and other exterior work can help to reduce chances of other nasty building problems, but few consider the loft space when assessing for routine repair. It is often only when something has gone very wrong that people consider patching up their loft space. Rather than wait for the need for repairs, get ahead of the game and consider a brand new loft floor, insulation, and loft ladders to keep your home warm, dry, and safe. Read More

Don’t Get Caught Out In The Cold With Underfloor Insulation

Winter is a time where we all want to be more aware of ways to save money and energy for our bills as we increase the amount of energy required to heat our homes. Underfloor insulation solutions can be the perfect idea for your property. Find out more in our handy infographic below.

Here at DMS, we service customers throughout Scotland, this includes Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Lanarkshire, Renfrewshire, Stirlingshire & all in between.

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Are You Eligible for Free Insulation in Scotland?

Free insulation in Scotland is now available for those eligible. There is no doubt that the proper installation of insulation in your home is vital to ensuring the amount of heat that is retained inside your four walls remains at the highest possible efficiency level. At DMS Installers, we are not only committed to providing insulation and energy solutions that work for you, but we also pride ourselves in being up to date with the current funding and government incentives that are available. Read More

Reduced bills with loft, cavity or underfloor insulation

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bills? Then DMS Installers is your partner of choice. We offer quality insulation that is guaranteed to reduce the heat loss in your home which results in savings on your energy bills. Our insulation services include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and underfloor insulation with a range of energy saving grants available from the Scottish government. The range of insulation available from DMS Installers can help you reduce your heating costs and lower your Co2 footprint and offers numerous other benefits. Read More

The HEEPS Equity Loan – What Is It?

An equity loan is repaid when the property is sold. Applicants do not make any ongoing payments. The amount repaid is related to how much was borrowed and the value of the property when it is sold.

Who can access HEEPS Equity Loans?

This is a pilot scheme open to householders in the following local authorities only: Glasgow City, Argyll and Bute and Perth and Kinross. Read More

New Loft Ladder And It’s Benefits

The loft can be one of the ¬†most under-appreciated spaces of a home. They can be transformed into airy work spaces, beautiful private bedrooms, or simply fade away into obscurity. One of the main reasons for the latter is due to the difficulty that can arise when trying to access lofts. At some point or other, we’ve all climbed a set of rickety, you;re-going-to-break-a-shin ladders to ascend to the storage heaven that is the loft. This makes use of the loft space dangerous and off-putting. To get around this, install a new loft ladder and begin to experience the full benefits of your loft space. Whatever your desires, DMS installations will be there to ensure they are realised to their full potential. Read More