Valuable Energy Saving Solutions to Cut Your Bills

In recent years, as people are beginning to understand what the long-term effects of releasing excess carbon dioxide into the atmosphere are, humanity has just now begun to take steps towards mitigating some of the damage that it has caused. With the increased awareness of climate change and the role humanity has played in its creation, it’s more important now than ever before to reduce your carbon footprint. While there are many ways one can go about doing this, the most effective method is by reducing the amount of energy that you consume. Not only is this beneficial for the planet, but it will also help to lower your monthly utility bills. Through insulating one’s house, installing solar panels and using more energy efficient heating and air, not only can you reduce your carbon output, but you may even be able to reach carbon neutrality.

Using Insulation to Conserve Energy

Whether your goal is to help save the planet, or just to save some money, ensuring that your house is well insulated is one of the primary energy saving methods that can be utilized. Many people avoid having their homes properly insulated due to the initial costs. While it’s true that a large insulation job carried out by an experienced energy saving company may not be cheap, the amount of money that will be saved in utility costs will more than make up for it within the first few years.

This is because the difference in energy used by a house that was properly insulated by professionals compared to a poorly insulated house can be enormous. Simply upgrading your roof or loft insulation can lead to a 25% reduction in your use of energy, and the numbers are even more staggering if you also decide to insulate your walls. Cavity wall insulation has been shown to decrease your use of energy by up to an impressive 33%, making it clear as to why insulation ranks so high on the list of methods for reducing your carbon footprint.

Installing Solar Panels

Another great way to reduce the amount of electricity that you consume is through the installation of solar panels. With modern solar technology, it’s now possible to supply all of the energy needs throughout your home by using the power of the sun. While the initial costs once again may be high, these too will more than pay for themselves over time.