How to Save on Energy Bills in Your Glasgow Home

Energy bills continue to rise across Scotland, and for most homeowners and tenants, this is a big concern. After all, none of us want to feel like we’re throwing money away, and even a small increase can throw your household budget into chaos. It’s especially important to find energy saving solutions in Glasgow, as the long cold snaps and short summers can mean people in the area spend more on things like heating and hot water. Luckily, many solutions are affordable and can soon pay for themselves in cheaper energy bills. Here are some tips to ensure you get smaller bills.

Insulate your home

No matter how well you heat your home, if it’s not properly insulated, then you may as well be burning cash. During the cold Glasgow winters, proper insulation can make you so much more comfortable, and even in the short period of warm weather, it can cool your property too. Simply adding loft insulation in Glasgow will stop heat escaping on cold days, and means you switch on your heating less, leading to lower bills. Some other things to look at include:

This is an easy way to keep your home cosy, as it’s an affordable option with minimal disruption during installation.

Opt for heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming a popular option for homes in Scotland as a way to heat and provide hot water to homes. By adding air source heat pumps in Glasgow, you can cut your energy bills, as well as enjoying a cosy home. These systems use energy from external air, which is converted into energy for your property. Creating a comfortable, even heat, these heat pumps are being encouraged by the government, who offer incentives for their installation.

Replace your old boiler

Most modern boilers have a lifespan of about 20 years, but once they get to the end of their life, they can become less energy efficient. If your appliance is making a lot of noise or taking ages to heat up, it might be worth looking for a new gas boiler installation in Glasgow. Many boilers now have A+ energy ratings, so are cheaper to run, which can pay for itself in savings. It also means there’s no sitting around freezing, waiting for the house to heat up, or long periods waiting for water to warm up.

Switch to solar

The sun is a reliable, free source of energy, so why not make the most of it? While Scotland doesn’t have many sunny days, you can install solar panels in Glasgow that will take care of many of your energy needs. There are many schemes available to help pay for solar panels, and once they’re installed, you’ll notice a huge drop in your energy bills. Solar panels can even make you money by feeding into the grid, so you can find your bills end up in credit.

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