Energy Efficient House By Checking the Watts

In the digital age today, we are more connected than ever. Most of our objects now use power to operate. This is great for convenience; however, as a result we are using more energy in our homes than ever before. Energy bills are one the biggest expenditures households pay. In fact, a typical energy bill is £752 per year. By taking control of your energy usage through insulation, solar panels and other energy saving measures you can reduce your carbon footprint and your energy bills.  Solar panels alone can save you nearly £400 per year. That’s over half an average household’s energy bill.


By investing in hassle-free insulation and energy efficient installations you can drastically reduce the cost of your energy bills. Not only this, but your home will enjoy warmth in the winter but be kept cool in the summer. Each of our advisors is an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor and will advise you of the correct measures suitable for your home. We will always discuss any government grants and funding available to you. Investing in energy efficient measures in your home is a wonderful way to reduce your household’s carbon footprint thanks to our A-Rated installations. We offer a no-obligation home visit where our accredited advisors will discuss the best installations for your needs. We can even install a top-of-the-range smart meter which will give you total control of your household’s energy use when you’re not at home. Contact DMS today to begin your energy efficiency journey.

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