Top Trends in Energy Efficient Home Improvements This Spring

The way that we keep our homes energy efficient is constantly changing. With improvements to technology in our gas boilers Glasgow, renewable energy sources, and insulation materials, there are ever-changing options available for you to take advantage of the warming weather and make sure your home is ready for all kinds of weather. Whether you are looking to move towards renewables for your energy, or are simply looking to find ways to lower your monthly costs, your home energy efficiency can be improved with any number of these top trends for spring.

1.     Fixing Up the Loft

Top-Trends-in-Energy-Efficient-Home-Improvements-This-Spring1 The loft is a space often forgotten by homeowners due to its usual purposes for storage. At the same time, there is also the knowledge that the majority of our heat energy is lost through the roof – especially one that is uninsulated. Having the correct loft insulation Edinburgh can make all the difference to your home. Up to a third of the energy you spend money on is lost through an uninsulated roof, so even as the weather grows warmer, why take the risk? Insulation helps to keep your home warm in winter, and cool and dry in the warmer and wetter months of the year. Not having the right insulation could potentially lead to damp and unsanitary conditions, so ensure that you consult insulation companies Scotland like DMS and find the best insulation measures for your home. Insulating your loft could potentially protect you from:

  • Damp
  • Cold
  • Burst pipes
  • High energy bills

If you are looking for more loft space, consider brand new loft flooring. Placed over the new insulation in your loft, loft flooring creates additional dry storage space for your household items gathered over winter, reducing clutter elsewhere in your home. For easier access, many people are also installing loft ladders Scotland. These handy steps into your loft space provide great potential for accessing your storage space regularly. Capable of holding up to 150kg of weight, anti-slip, and with a 1-year parts and workmanship guarantee minimum, your DMS loft ladders will be right at home this spring.

2.     Switching Gas Boilers

Top-Trends-in-Energy-Efficient-Home-Improvements-This-Spring2 Spring cleaning starts with your boiler. The most common way to save energy in the home is by investing in a new gas boiler. Spring is not the warmest time of year, and your boiler can serve to heat both your home and your water, so it is important that you are investing in the right machine to keep your home running smoothly. If you have noticed a spike in your energy bills or that your boiler takes longer to heat up your home, it may be time to consider new gas boilers Glasgow. Boilers tend to use up to 55% of what you spend on your energy bills, so you cannot afford to have one that is malfunctioning or is not as energy efficient as it should be. Any boilers that are not rated as 80% efficient are not considered to be efficient enough for the UK market. At DMS, all of our boilers maintain an A-rank in efficiency and are guaranteed to improve on the energy efficiency of an older boiler. What’s more, we stock combi boilers Glasgow that heat both your water and radiators for maximum energy use and capability for the management of your own heating solutions.

3.     Smart Meters

Top-18-Energy-Saving-Benefits-of-Using-a-New-Gas-Boiler1 In this new age of technology, it is not only our mobile phones that have seen significant technological improvements. Smart meters have been introduced for use with heating systems across the UK to help the government reach a national target for carbon reduction to meet EU standards. As spring approaches, it may be time to consider how to best prepare for the months ahead. Rather than using standard manual thermostats to control your heating – often resulting in a cold home when you return home! – smart meters can be accessed from anywhere in the world. An application on your phone turns into your heating control, and you can ensure that your boiler is not active when nobody is around, and your home is still cosy when you return home. Actively using smart heating controls can reduce energy usage and cut your costs significantly. Why wait? Install a new gas boiler with smart heating controls today.

Cut Your Emissions With DMS

At DMS Installers, it is important to us that we recommend the best energy saving deals on the market. If there are grants or funds available, we want our customers to know about them. As professional EPC Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Scotland assessors, we can provide you with the professional advice you need – alongside the products required – to make your home more energy efficient. Get the spring back in your step and go energy efficient today.

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