Top 4 Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Everybody is looking for practical ways to save money. Finding them alone, however, is more of a challenge. The best way to save on your energy bills is by making your home energy efficient. A home that has been made efficient can save money in the long-term rather than being a quick fix and all homeowners can benefit from energy efficient changes to their home. A semi-detached property, for example, can save up to £240 a year simply by improving loft insulation. At DMS, we value helping our customers find the best ways to cut back on energy usage. What measures can you take to save money with energy efficiency?

1.     EPC Glasgow

An evaluation of your property is the first essential step when you are looking to maximise the potential for saving energy in your home. A domestic or commercial EPC Glasgow can help not only show you which areas of your home need improvements but with DMS we can also recommend and install the correct measures needed to reduce energy waste. An EPC Scotland gives your home various ratings as shown below, indicating areas for improvement. Why-An-EPC-Matters-For-Your-Property1 You may have known your property needed new insulation or new gas boiler, but you may not have known exactly how energy efficient they and other areas of your home were. Your EPC certificate is also a requirement if you plan to sell or rent a property to give an indication to the new or current tenants the predicted prices of their energy bills. Get an EPC Glasgow or Edinburgh for only £45 including VAT from DMS Installers.

2.     Upgrade Your Gas Boiler

Top-4-Ways-To-Make-Your-Home-Energy-Efficient1 Older properties are notorious for having older boilers that are not up to the energy efficient standards modern gas boilers have. Your property could save up to £340 a year simply by switching from an Energy rated Product (ErP) G-Rated gas boiler to an A-rated one. Since September 205, the UK government now suggests that all gas boilers be manufactured to meet a minimum efficiency that meets the A-rank, ensuring more properties are as energy efficient as possible. At DMS, we install a number of different gas boilers Glasgow and around Scotland that meet current efficiency standards. With makes including Intergas and Ideal, your energy efficiency ratings will start to climb as your new boiler heats your home more effectively. You can have better control of your heating and could potentially qualify for energy saving grants if you meet the government’s recommendations. Contact us for more information on all gas boiler grants available.

3.     Improve Insulation

Top-4-Ways-To-Make-Your-Home-Energy-Efficient3 Improving the insulation around your home is one of the most common recommendations on an EPC Glasgow report. Green Deal Reports, which DMS also provide, commonly notify the resident of the same. By improving loft, underfloor, and cavity wall insulation, your property could have potential savings of up to £150 just by installing better loft insulation Edinburgh. Losing heat energy is a major source of energy wastage, so improving upon your current insulation could bring a number of benefits to you. 25% of all heat is lost through the roof, so do not hesitate to have an EPC report conducted for your property to know the best ways to improve your energy bills every year.

4.     Install Renewable Energy Sources

Top-4-Ways-To-Make-Your-Home-Energy-Efficient4 Have you ever considered renewable energy? Many properties around the country are starting to benefit from using solar panels and wind turbines on private property to generate their own electricity and start saving on using energy from the national grid. Solar and wind energy is entirely clean and free. Solar panels Glasgow generate quite a bit of energy even here in Scotland, with the potential to generate up to 3,500kwh of energy every year and save more than a tonne and a half of carbon dioxide from a 4kWp system. Heat pumps Glasgow are another great way to save on your renewables. Air source heat pumps, in particular, can save a property up to 70% on its annual energy bills with the potential to attract up to £15,000 in incentive payments from the Government over 7 years. Make your home more energy efficient and start seeing the benefits to both the environment and your wallet.

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