Reduced bills with loft, cavity or underfloor insulation

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bills? Then DMS Installers is your partner of choice. We offer quality insulation that is guaranteed to reduce the heat loss in your home which results in savings on your energy bills. Our insulation services include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and underfloor insulation with a range of energy saving grants available from the Scottish government. The range of insulation available from DMS Installers can help you reduce your heating costs and lower your Co2 footprint and offers numerous other benefits.

Loft insulation

Reduce-your-bills-with-loft,-cavity-or-underfloor-insulation1   Approximately 25% of the energy used to heat your property is lost through an uninsulated roof which makes loft insulation a great option for boosting the EPC rating of your home. This cheap and effective insulation can help you save up to £150 per year on your gas and electricity bills by preventing the heat from escaping. It keeps you home warm during the winter and cool during the summer and significantly improves your property’s energy efficiency. If you entrust DMS Installers you will also benefit from hassle free installation. When you have loft insulation installed the storage space in your loft is often lost. It is important that you do not store items on top of the insulation as this decreases its effectiveness and could cause overheating and potentially result in a fire. To prevent this DMS Installers can install loft flooring. We offer this service across the central belt of Scotland, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Falkirk. We will also ensure that there are no fire risks and that your insulation is in good condition. This includes checking for mould and dampness which ensures that your health is not endangered. DMS Installers offer a range of loft insulation. These included standard loft insulation, rafter loft Insulation and room in roof insulation. Our operatives have received extensive training and have the necessary experience to install your insulation fast and effectively.

Cavity wall insulation

Reduce-your-bills-with-loft,-cavity-or-underfloor-insulation2   Cavity wall insulation is another popular service offered by DMS Installers that can help you reduce your bills with up to £150 per year and improve your property’s energy efficiency. Cavity wall insulation prevents heating to escape through your walls and lowers your energy consumption, while reducing the condensation on the inside of your outer walls. It is an effective solution to existing dampness suitable for most properties. With DMS Installers you will also benefit from a hassle free installation and you could also qualify for free government funding or cashback. We guarantee a tailored solution to your needs and expert advice on how to optimise your property’s energy performance.

Underfloor insulation

Reduce-your-bills-with-loft,-cavity-or-underfloor-insulation3   Another effective measure towards lowering your energy consumption is installing underfloor insulation. Insulation can be installed under the floorboards on the ground floor of your property saving you up to £150 per year.  At DMS Installers we offer Crawl Space Insulation. The process consists of securing mineral wool insulation under the subfloor where the floor joists are positioned. This helps reduce heat loss and enables you to save money on your energy consumption.

Free loft, cavity and underfloor insulation from DMS Installers

Insulating your home does not need to cost you a fortune. DMS Installers has access to governmental funding with which you can get your insulation for free or with partial funding if you qualify for the available subsidies. All you need to do is contact DMS Installers. We will come and assess your property, providing you with a free quote and advice on which energy saving measures are suitable for you and what funding options are available. We are a registered Green Deal Advice Organisation specialising in energy use assessment and advice and we will ensure that you will receive the best energy solution to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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