Loft Ladders and Flooring: Why You Need Them

When we consider home maintenance, very few of us think about what lingers underneath our roof. Fixing tiles and other exterior work can help to reduce chances of other nasty building problems, but few consider the loft space when assessing for routine repair. It is often only when something has gone very wrong that people consider patching up their loft space. Rather than wait for the need for repairs, get ahead of the game and consider a brand new loft floor, insulation, and loft ladders to keep your home warm, dry, and safe.

Loft Ladders: Safe and Secure Access


Getting into the loft space without adequate climbing tools can be a challenge. Many people choose to use standard ladders to do this, however that can be dangerous for all involved. Ladders without attachment to a wall should not be leant against the rim of a loft entrance as they require full support to stand. Those that are stand-alone are a little better, however they also are not fully adequate for the job of accessing your loft space. What you should have, instead, are specially-made loft ladders. Installed directly into your loft, loft ladders Glasgow are a great way to access your loft safely and securely. Where other ladders increase risks of accidents, loft ladders are specially designed to be used in a loft. They are installed with an additional handrail for extra safety and anti-slip treads so you will feel safe on your new ladder. A 150kg maximum load, too, gives a lot of strength and durability in your loft ladder, adding another piece of thoughtful information to allow you to feel even more secure with your loft space. Our loft ladders are made with lightweight aluminium which is both strong and light, allowing for ease of movement when opening and closing the loft itself. We also offer you a wooden 2 and 3 section ladder if that is preferable for you. Able to be installed in already existing loft spaces, we can create an easily accessible loft space with simple installation of a loft ladder Glasgow.

Loft Flooring: Storage Without The Hazards


Many people store their items in loft spaces. What most do not know, however, is that not having adequate flooring covering your insulation can be a fire hazard. Items stored directly on top of loft insulation can not only reduce the effectiveness of the insulation in keeping your home warm, but it can block air gaps which cause a real risk of fire and can promote damp growth in the ceiling and your items. Having insulation that is free to breathe is important and so is having storage space. That is why DMS Installers want to bring you the best in loft flooring Glasgow solutions. We can fit flooring over half or all of your loft depending on your requirements, and it is all done by fitting panel floor boards down to raised joists, ensuring that insulation is given enough space to breathe and work properly. Your items can be placed securely on top of your new flooring, and as they are able to hold a lot of weight, movement atop your new floorboards is possible. Having a new loft ladder Glasgow and secure loft flooring is beneficial for you, your storage solutions, and for keeping your loft space safe. Find out more at DMS Installers.

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