Floored Loft and Loft Ladders, Increase Your Storage

Storage is something many family homes crave, and with cupboards crammed to their limits, households are being forced upwards in order to gain access to the space they need. Luckily most houses have extra valuable space right above their heads, but often storing excess items in the loft is done without the proper safety considerations to you or your objects. It’s extremely important not to be tempted to store your items on top of existing insulation. According to Department of Environment and Climate Change data, 82% of households are unaware that by compressing existing loft insulation Edinburgh can reduce its thermal capabilities therefore limiting its effectiveness. Not only does storing items directly on top of insulating limit the efficiency of your insulation, it can be dangerous too, leading to mould and condensation, not to mention one wrong step on the unsupported floor can lead to a hazardous fall through the ceiling. All your storage solutions can be resolved while maintaining not only your safety but the integrity of your insulation by having a raised floor fitted in your loft, this ensures the air flow can continue to circulate while creating a solid base for your items to sit on. Not only this, but we can guarantee safe access to your  loft by fitting a range of loft ladders, all fully compliant to British Standards to suit your current space. All DMS Installers raised loft floors are fitted using narrow floorboards that interlock for maximum strength and a neat finish. Both installations of loft ladders Scotland and floors  enjoy a free suitability survey and installed by qualified and experienced fitters.



Metal Loft Ladder

Aluminium loft ladders are ideal for space saving and come with anti-slip treads as standard. Regardless of your needs, this ladder can be supplied in two or three sections to suit your requirements. This type of loft access is ideal for those who don’t everyday entrance and can be pulled down with ease whenever needed.

Heavy duty loft ladder

These deluxe versions of traditional metal loft ladders are more suitable for customers who need regular access to their loft. They are extremely straightforward to use and fold up in the same manner as traditional loft ladders.

Wooden folding loft ladder with insulated hatch


Timber loft ladders tend to be quieter than aluminium versions; they can feel more robust and tend to be the most popular choice of loft ladder due to their smooth operation. Metal loft ladders are designed to bend when being used, this is completely intentional though can be off putting for some users. Not only do we provide the ladder and hatch but we won’t let your loft hatch act as a cold spot that allows heat to escape, our insulated loft hatches ensure your home is kept as warm as possible.

Metal loft balustrade

Safety is paramount when entering a loft, especially when carrying boxes leading to impaired balance and reduced vision. Our metal balustrades provide a secure railing for balance and a guard from potential falls. Not only do our loft balustrades provide security for loft entry and exit, our ladders all come with anti-slip treads and hand rails as standard. Here at DMS Solutions we want to ensure the best loft flooring and ladder installation for your needs, we fully install all components and offer one year workman’s warranty as a minimum. All our loft ladders Scotland are fully compliant to British Standards and can carry a 150kg load maximum or greater.  Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation survey and quote.

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