Everything You Need to Know about Cavity Wall Insulation

As a result of its numerous benefits, including reduced bills and improved energy efficiency, Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) is increasing in popularity all over UK. That is why DMS Installers Ltd offer quality cavity wall insulation in Scotland to millions of homes that are still to benefit from the energy efficiency improvement Government policies available.

Our service includes surveying your property and installing the Cavity Wall Insulation that is best suited to your home and location.

How does Cavity Wall Insulation work?

Cavity Wall Insulation is used in buildings in which the external walls are made of two separate layers with a single gap or a cavity between them. During the installation of Cavity Wall Insulation a wool-like material is used to fill the gap or cavity. The air trapped in this material works as an insulator preventing the heat from escaping. As a result cavity wall insulation in Scotland has been found to be much more effective than empty cavity walls when it comes to preserving heat and promoting energy efficiency.

How do you know if you have cavity walls?


Before you decide that you want to have Cavity Wall Insulation first you need to know whether your property has cavity walls. One indicator could be the age of your house. Houses with empty cavity walls became popular in the 1920s and were a standard until the mid-1980s, so if your property was built at that time there is a good chance that you have cavity walls.

Another indicator is the brick pattern of your outside walls. If all of the bricks look the same with their long side visible on the outside then you most likely have cavity walls. In comparison, solid walls have bricks in an altering long-short pattern.

If the brick pattern is not visible you can check the thickness of your exterior walls by looking at a doorway or a window. If these are more than 260mm thick you most likely have cavity walls.

If you are not sure if you have cavity walls or if a previous owner has already installed Cavity Wall Insulation you can contact DMS Installers Ltd and ask for a survey. Our experts will visit your property, evaluate the condition of your walls and recommend the most suitable insulation for your needs. If it turns out that Cavity Wall Insulation is not a suitable option you might be able to take advantage of the other services we offer. These include Loft InsulationDraught Proofing, Water Tank and Pipe Insulation, as well as Under Floor Insulation. Contact us to learn more.

What are the benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation?


As Cavity Wall Insulation prevents heat from escaping through the walls it can significantly reduce your energy bills, saving you up to £150 per year. It can also reduce the condensation on the inside of your outer walls and resolve any existing dampness. In addition, when you use DMS Installers’ Cavity Wall Insulation Scotland service you benefit from hassle free installation. With us you could also qualify for free government funding or cashback. These government grants are ideal for anyone looking for free insulation in Scotland.

How can you get free insulation in Scotland?

DMS Installers have access to limited government funding with which you can get free insulation in Scotland or get partially subsidised, if you qualify. To get your free Glasgow insulation or free cavity wall insulation in Scotland all you need to do is contact DMS Installers. We will come and assess your property providing a free, no obligation quote and advice on available measures and funding options. With our energy saving and insulation measures you will quickly improve the energy efficiency of your home, lower your bills and save money!

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