Does Your Loft Leave You Out In The Cold?

The clocks may have gone forward and the winter chill is definitely soothing into the calm of spring, but for the households of Scotland, we know we’re never too far from feeling a nip in the air. There’s temptation to turn up your thermostat when a chill sets in, but with ever increasing energy prices can you afford to do this long term? Heat rises, and almost a quarter of heat from your home can be lost through an uninsulated roof.  You can combat against the weather permanently and reduce your heating bills at the same time by investing in cost-effective loft insulation Scotland from DMS Installers.

What is Loft Insulation?

Loft insulation is just like wrapping a blanket over the attic of your house and keeps the heat in. The most common loft insulation material if fiberglass which comes in large rolls which are laid on top of the joists of your property. The fibreglass used by DMS is sourced in Stirling and is made from waste Scottish glass bottles. Taking local products that would otherwise be thrown away and recycling them to make your homes warmer is something we’re proud to be part of here at DMS Installers. Other types of loft insulation Glasgow include loose fill insulation which is useful when filling irregularly shaped areas. This material is made from mineral wool or cork granules; some loose fill insulation is even produced from old newspapers. Sheet board insulation is used to insulate sloping ceilings and is and synthetically made though greener options are available. It can be produced to be fire and moisture resistant and often used for loft conversions.


How can it benefit me?

Loft insulation can benefit your household in two main ways, first by keeping you warm and the second by saving you money. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and not dread taking your coat off?

  • By taking action over of the heat that escapes through your property you will benefit by being in more control of the temperature inside the home.
  • Your home will stay warmer in winter without the need to raise the temperature on your thermostat
  • Insulating your loft professionally could save you up to £150 per year and with the lifespan of most types of loft insulation being over 40 years, the money you could save over that time is huge!
  • A well-insulated home will have a high EPC rating, which all homes are required to have when being sold, a higher EPC rating will mean a higher value of your property.
  • Another great benefit of installing loft installation is that by using less energy you will produce less carbon, the harmful emissions that cause global warming.

How is it installed?


Installing loft insulation is a relatively quick and easy job for those who have the professional skills. All the staff at DMS are fully trained and experiences installers who take health and safety seriously. Insulation is made up of two layers, known as “cross laying”. Depending on the thickness of the joist,  a suitably thick layer of insulation is laid between the joist to bring the insulation up to the same level as the joists. Then a second layer is laid at a 90-degree angle on top of the existing insulation to bring it up to the recommended level of 300mm. Why wait to save energy, money, and the environment? With all these benefits can you afford not to insulate your loft correctly? When looking for insulation companies Scotland, make sure you speak to the experts by contacting us at DMS Installers today for more information.

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