Are You Eligible for Free Insulation in Scotland?

Free insulation in Scotland is now available for those eligible. There is no doubt that the proper installation of insulation in your home is vital to ensuring the amount of heat that is retained inside your four walls remains at the highest possible efficiency level. At DMS Installers, we are not only committed to providing insulation and energy solutions that work for you, but we also pride ourselves in being up to date with the current funding and government incentives that are available.

The Green Deal Difference

DMS Installers are a registered Green Deal Advice Organisation in Glasgow, providing you with the information you need to start the process in your home of becoming more energy efficient with the added benefit of the possibility of eligibility for free insulation in Scotland. We are not a sales company, and as such our main aim is to help you find new ways to improve your green energy efficiency. Taking part in the Green Deal scheme allows for you to make energy efficient improvements to your home, including improving your insulation. With DMS Installers’ professional staff, we can help discuss your options under the Green Deal for future grants and energy bill reduction.

Your Eligibility for Free Loft Insulation in Scotland

Are-You-Eligible-for-Free-Insulation-in-Scotland1   Loft insulation is perhaps one of the cheapest ways in which you can improve your energy efficiency and reduce the heating costs in your home. An uninsulated roof can lose up to 25% of your energy, increasing your monthly bills. Insulating your loft ensures that the heat rising from your rooms remains within them – perfect for the coldest months of winter where your energy consumption increases. At DMS we have your home and the environment in mind, and our quick installation process uses recycled, local fiber glass wool from Stirling. No environmentally damaging long-distance deliveries! Simply insulating your loft can save you around £150 a year, and at DMS Installers we have access to UK Government ECO funding – a subsidy given by energy suppliers backed by the Government – meaning that you could be eligible for free insulation in Scotland or for a partial funding grant. Already, thousands of homes have benefited from this scheme and the process could not be simpler than contacting us directly at 0141 638 1058.

The Importance of Underfloor and Cavity Insulation

The roof is not the only area of your home which requires insulation for full energy efficiency. Winter can be particularly harsh, so underfloor and cavity insulation in Scotland is another necessity for your home’s energy efficiency. Underfloor insulation has the potential to continue saving you money. DMS Installers can offer you crawl space insulation, using mineral wool under the subfloor among floor joists. Cavity insulation, on the other hand, has the added benefit of reducing the amount of condensation on the inside of your outer walls to effectively reduce dampness. If you have an older home, there is the possibility that there may be little insulation between the two layers that create your external wall. Are-You-Eligible-for-Free-Insulation-in-Scotland2   You can be assured that at DMS Installers, we will provide you with all the information you need to be able to find out if you are eligible for any grants or funding for free insulation in Scotland. Contact Us today to arrange an assessment of your home.

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