New Loft Ladder And It’s Benefits

The loft can be one of the ¬†most under-appreciated spaces of a home. They can be transformed into airy work spaces, beautiful private bedrooms, or simply fade away into obscurity. One of the main reasons for the latter is due to the difficulty that can arise when trying to access lofts. At some point or other, we’ve all climbed a set of rickety, you;re-going-to-break-a-shin ladders to ascend to the storage heaven that is the loft. This makes use of the loft space dangerous and off-putting. To get around this, install a new loft ladder and begin to experience the full benefits of your loft space. Whatever your desires, DMS installations will be there to ensure they are realised to their full potential. Improve Your Loft Safety With A New Loft Ladder

So what are the benefits of fitting a new loft ladder? Here are just a few:


Installing a fixed loft ladder removes the dangers of free moving ladders becoming unbalanced and (inevitably) toppling the user to their doom. All loft ladders installed by DMS come with a handrail to aid getting in and out of the loft. Additionally, a safety balustrade can be fitted to reduce the risk of toppling straight out of the loft.


Simply pull down the ladder with the pole attached and watch your ladder descend gracefully. This is a far better approach than having to go and find the artful dodger of a step ladder than you have lying around and then trying to balance yourself precariously on its apex.

Style with Function

All ladders can come in either aluminium or wood. The aluminium 3-way loft ladder is economic and space saving, with an integrated safety hand rail. The quality wooden folding loft ladder also has an integrated safety hand rail, as well as an insulated, integrated loft hatch. The hatch balustrades can be matched to the material of the loft.

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