The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

These days, most people spend their time in an artificial climate, whether in the front living room or the chicken-coop office. Underfloor heating provides a different way to heat a space, one which is far more efficient that previous routes. Modern underfloor heating is an ancient concept updated with contemporary technology. Roman villas and bath houses used to use underfloor spaces to pass air through – heated by an open fire – which would in turn heat the structure. The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

More Efficient Heating

Traditional radiators heat by convection and radiation. The room will always be warmest closest to the radiator, resulting in cold spots in areas far from a radiator. This non-uniform heating can make some rooms uncomfortable, especially those that are larger and lacking in evenly spaced radiators. Underfloor heating is far more efficient in spreading the heat produced. As it runs underneath the entire floor of a room, it heats evenly. Heat will rise to heat height, providing a comfortable space for everyone. As it rises, the air will cool, falling to the floor to be reheated and rise again. The temperature of underfloor heating is lower than that of radiators, meaning that the air will not rise far past head height, avoiding heat wasted at ceiling levels. This is particularly useful for houses with high ceilings.

Lower Heating Costs

As underfloor heating works at lower temperatures than radiators, they use less energy to run. This translates directly to lower heating costs for the homeowner. DMS will calculate the exact heat output required for each room and design the most efficient Underfloor Heating system for your property.

Increased Control Over Heating

Radiators tend to be old and in need of maintenance, something which happens rarely. Underfloor heating systems come with smart control systems, giving the homeowner full control over when the heating is on, how long it will be on for, and to what exact temperature the room will heat to. The latter is achieved by smart thermostats attached to the heating system.

Maximise Available Space

Radiators take up room that could otherwise be used for furniture or personal displays. Underfloor heating removes this need, opening up rooms that could otherwise look cluttered and cramped. Being able to use all available floor space in a room is a huge benefit, as smaller homes can sometimes be pushed for space.

A Healthier Home

Underfloor heating creates less air movement than convection from radiators, meaning less dust circulation. If laid under carpets, underfloor heating keeps the carpet warmer. This results in less moisture retained in the carpet, removing a breeding ground for the house dust mite. Dust mites are a common allergen, so removing their breeding ground can significantly raise the standard of living for those prone to allergies.

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