Why An EPC Matters For Your Property

An Energy Performance Certificate is an unavoidable necessity required by law for every residential and commercial property in Scotland. If your property does not have one, you will need to contact a Domestic Energy Assessor or Green Deal Assessor to generate one for you. DMS Installers, as a registered Green Deal Assessor, can help you along each step of the process to gaining your EPC.

What is an EPC?

Why-An-EPC-Matters-For-Your-Property1   An Energy Performance Certificate is in the simplest terms a list of information about the property’s levels of energy use, efficiency, environmental impact, and recommendations on improving these factors. Standard procedure in assessment of properties usually registers measurements of energy use, carbon dioxide, lighting, heating, and hot water. These are the values typically displayed first on any energy performance rating for a property that is listed as for sale or rent.

Why does my property need one?

It is a legal requirement. In order for a property to be built, rented, or sold, it must have a valid EPC. Not only this, but it is required if you wish to pursue funding, incentives and cashback from the Government for your property. This means if you wish to apply through us for Government assistance in getting free insulation in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or elsewhere in Scotland, you must have your valid EPC for the property you wish to insulate via this method. In order to evaluate the best ways in which to improve the energy efficiency of your property, an EPC provides the statistics that allow you to see areas for improvement. As your assessment includes ways to improve your energy ratings, there are plenty of opportunities available from your EPC assessment to help you find ways to save money on your bills in the long run. A hint if you are trying to sell our rent your house is to work on the recommendations given on your old EPC for the property. As house sale and rental prices grow alongside increasing energy bill costs, many prospective buyers and tenants are looking into the EPC ratings of properties to be able to determine their costs. A higher rating will show a property that needs more money put into the bills every month. A property fixed up with new energy saving solutions, improved insulation, new seals on doors, improved central heating systems, and better glazing of the windows, will get a better EPC rating and thus be more attractive. The benefits of an EPC are vast, and go beyond a simple legal requirement.

Where do DMS Installers provide EPCs?

Why-An-EPC-Matters-For-Your-Property2   The cheapest areas for us to cover are EPC Glasgow, EPC Edinburgh, and EPC Ayrshire. For the best price on an EPC in these areas, come to DMS Installers. We will not be beaten for the cheapest EPC prices in Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh. We also offer a number of heating, insulation, and renewable energy options to help improve the rating of your home. Talk to your assessor or get in touch with us to find out more about your options for saving energy.

Let DMS Installers create your EPC Quickly and Easily

At DMS Installers, our maximum price for an EPC is £45. However, if you are looking for an EPC in Glasgow, this will be reduced to a local service price! Contact Us for a quote on your assessment and we will help you along every step of the way to find your EPC ratings.

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