Quality Energy Solutions for Your Property

For many property owners and tenants getting quality energy solutions tailored to their needs could be a significant challenge. That is why DMS Installers Ltd offers quality energy assessments and energy-saving improvements that can help you lower your energy bills and save money.

We specialise in the provision of quality heating for your property including oil boilers, underfloor heating, smart heating controls and others. We can help you reduce your energy consumption by installing a range of insulation options such as Loft Insulation, Cavity Wall Insulation, Draught Proofing, Water Tank, Pipe Insulation and Under Floor Insulation. In addition, we work with a range of renewable energy solutions that are increasing in popularity in Scotland, including Biomass and Solar PV. Another benefit of entrusting DMS Installers with your energy-saving improvements is the access to Government funding we have.

Green Deal Glasgow

The Green Deal is a government initiative that provides funding to Green Deal providers and helps people make energy-saving improvements to their homes or commercial properties and find the best way to pay for them. The improvements made will depend on your home and individual requirements, but typical examples include different types of insulation (solid wall, cavity wall or loft insulation), heating, draught proofing, double glazing and renewable energy generation. DMS Installers can provide many of these improvements and through the Green Deal Glasgow you may be able to gain access to funding or loans.

Green Deal Assessment Scotland


Getting access to funding through the Green Deal is only possible after Green Deal assessment. Green Deal assessment in Scotland is conducted by a registered Green Deal Assessor like DMS Energy Solution. We are also a Green Deal provider which means that we can install all the energy-saving improvements in your property following the completion of the assessment.

During you Green Deal assessment in Scotland an assessor will visit your property, discuss its energy use and efficiency and provide advice on what kind of Green Deal improvements you may benefit from. Typical questions you may need to answer are whether you are an owner or a tenant, is your home a listed building and are there any access issues for example access to your loft. You may be asked to provide bills showing your recent energy use. Other information you need to provide is the number of people living in the property, the type of heating you use, how often do you use the heating and what energy-saving measure, if any, have been installed. It is important to note that the Green Deal is not available in Northern Ireland.

You Green Deal Report

After the assessment is completed you will receive a Green Deal report. This official document contains an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that rates your property according to its energy efficiency. An EPC Glasgow (or a commercial EPC Glasgow) is a document you are legally obliged to have if you are renting or selling your property or if you want to apply for energy-saving improvements and government funding through the Green Deal Glasgow. The Green Deal report also provides more information on the amount of energy you and other occupiers use, the improvements recommended by the assessor, estimated annual savings that could be achieved, and a statement on whether the improvement will pay for themselves through the reduction in energy costs. The Green Deal assessment Scotland report is valid for 10 years or until you install energy-saving improvements. Once you have the assessment completed and you have received your Green Deal report it is up to you to decide what kind of energy-saving improvements to install.


Contact DMS Installers

If you are ready to take the next steps towards improving the energy efficiency of your property then all you need to do is contact DMS Installers. We can provide all required documents including EPC Glasgow, commercial EPC Glasgow and a Green Deal Assessment Scotland Report. As a registered assessor and provider of energy solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to help you save money on your energy bills.

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