Helping You With Our Green Deal Guide

I am one of the qualified green deal assessors here at DMS Installers and having carried out hundreds of green deal assessments across both Scotland and England I feel passionate about advising and educating homeowners, tenants and landlords on ways to improve their energy efficiency and reducing their energy costs as a whole. The green deal assessment itself consists of two parts, firstly an energy performance certificate is carried out on the property which has a number of elements to it including calculating the floor area and collecting data on all aspects of the property which affect the energy consumption including heating systems, glazing, insulation, heating controls, lighting and construction/age of the property. The Energy Performance Certificate gives an overall Energy Efficiency Rating and Environmental Impact of the property and provides some general recommendations for improvement. The average rating for a home in Scotland is band D (61) which unfortunately many properties seem to fall below but the report will show the best recommendations specific to the property which if installed will improve the rating and I am happy to provide impartial advice on the recommendations that would be most suitable for the individual needs of the occupier plus any additional changes that can be made that may not show on the report. Helping-You-With-Our-Green-Deal-Guide1 The second part of the assessment is the Occupancy Assessment which compares your details to a typical household. This involves a discussion on how the heating and hot water is used specifically within the property and also takes into account a number of factors such as number of occupants, heating timings and types of kitchen appliances present within the property. The Green Deal Advice report which show your estimated annual savings in comparison to the typical annual savings of a similar property which is a fantastic way of giving the occupier a good idea of energy efficiency within properties similar to their own and gives the incentive of making even the smallest changes in order to lower their energy consumption. Finally the EPC and Green Deal Assessment are lodged with the Energy Savings Trust Scotland Registry but usually this is only the beginning of the journey as I start working with the customer and various departments to organise installations and provide further advice throughout the process to achieve the goal of saving the planet – one green deal at a time!

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