Benefits Of Underfloor Insulation

Most people hear the word insulation and will think of that layer of fibreglass that keeps you warm and cosy on the floor of the loft when climbing up to reach the old Christmas ornaments they have had stored for years. But did you know that keeping your home warm is not only done by loft or cavity wall insulation, but by underfloor insulation as well? Underfloor insulation is rarely considered first, but the benefits of improving your underfloor insulation can be great.

Different Homes, Different Solutions

Benefits-Of-Underfloor-Insulation1 It is important to be aware that not every home requires the same levels of underfloor insulation, nor does every home need as much improvement as the other. Understanding your home and its’ requirements are vital, and DMS Installers can help assess your flooring to find out which method is right for you to reduce your heat loss. Some older homes have what is called a suspended floor. By its name, this means the floor is partially suspended off of the foundation, and as a result there is a cavity laying underneath the floorboards. Cold air can pass through this space, and warm air can escape. By insulating this space, however, you can reduce this happening and as a result save on your energy bills. More modern homes have begun to include polystyrene insulation under concrete floors. Concrete floors themselves are a great way to reduce heat escaping from your home coupled with extra flooring on top, including a rug or thick carpet for a little extra insulation. The polystyrene helps to eliminate heat loss problems, keeping you warm and well insulated. Whether your home is old or new, we can assess what kind of underfloor insulation your home requires to maximise your heat stored in your home.

Benefit From Improving Your Underfloor Insulation

Benefits-Of-Underfloor-Insulation2 The main reason for laying underfloor insulation in your home is to reduce the chances of cold drafts and maintain a warm, cosy temperature in your home. Through your floor, you can lose up to 15% of your heat, so it is important to consider investing in underfloor insulation. What is great about it is that it is one of the cheapest ways to improve your energy usage, and if you have a wooden floor, providing the proper insulation can improve on your EPC report, creating a more welcoming sign to potential buyers or tenants to your property that they will be able to feel comfortable and warm when winter draws in. Saving money is another benefit of underfloor insulation. Along with being cheap to install, the improvements to your insulation mean more heat stays in your home, and thus you will consume less energy and have savings on your yearly energy bills of up to ¬£150. Underfloor insulation is included in government grant schemes for improving your home’s energy consumption, too, such as the Green Deal. You could be able to gain free underfloor insulation, and we will take you through every step of the process. This could be a valuable further saving to you!

Providing Underfloor Insulation in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Scotland

DMS Installers is run from our business hub in Glasgow. We provide fast, quality services to you and provide energy saving solutions throughout Scotland. If you are looking for the best place to go for your underfloor insulation in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or elswhere in Scotland, look no further than DMS. We will not be beaten on prices, and can help you find out if you are eligible for free insulation throughout your home through government schemes and other grants. Why wait? Contact Us today to find out how your home can be more energy efficient and how we can help save you money on your monthly bills.

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